Tadika Mayter will be adhering to the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Education. All our schools will be closed on 19/9/19 (Thursday) and 20/9/19 (Friday).

However, we appreciate that this decision has been made on short notice. Our teachers will be present in all schools on both affected days. Tadika Mayter welcomes any parent who wishes to bring their child to their respective schools. No formal classes nor physical activities will be conducted on both affected days.

Childcare will be operating as usual.

For any enquiries, please contact 03-9133 1111.

美德幼稚园将遵守教育部制定的指导方针。 我们所有的分校将于19/9/19(星期四)和 20/9/19(星期五)关闭。

我们理解这一项决定是在短时间内作出的。 在受影响的两天里,我们的老师将会出现在所有学校照常工作。 美德各分校欢迎任何希望将孩子带到各自学校的家长注意 在这两天受影响的日子,学校都不会进行正式课程或体育活动。敬请放心为盼。


如有任何询问,请联系 03-9133 1111。